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LoRenZo, French freelance photographer in Dubai, brings a fresh approach to photography, specialising in spontaneous expressions. As a contributing photographer to Dubai's magazines, Advertising and Public Relations Agencies, LoRenZo is in perfect position to provide services in PR - Events, Lifestyle, Products, Hotels and Fashion-Modeling photography. Mainly based in  United Arab Emirates  UAE - Dubai and Abu Dhabi, he also works in other Middle-East and GCC locations : Oman-Muscat, Qatar-Doha, Bahrain, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia (KSA) Riyadh. Easy going, smily and approachable but precise and professional, LoRenZo always puts people at ease.

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Event photography UAE-freelancer photographer freelance dubai united arab emirates middle east. Dubai event photographer. Event photography in Dubai. Fashion photographer in dubai and fashion photography in Dubai- abu dhabi- UAE-middle east-gcc countries photographer.For your event’s photographies you should really book Lorenzo, photographer, specialized in event photography. For any photoshooting in dubai,, photographer for modelling photography, fashion photography, events photoshootings, photoshoots and photosessions for fashion, glamour and modelling photography. Looking for a photographer for your event  in Dubai ? Lorenzo is a dubai photographer for hotels and interiors, specialized in hotels photography in dubai and UAE united arab emirates. You need shots, photos of your products in Dubai ? Product shots photographer specialized in product photography in  Dubai UAE lorenzo will respond all your needs in still life photography for catalogues, catalogs, brochures,pictures and  product shots in Dubai.. Dubai beauty photographer. You need a photographer in Dubai for people and PR Public relations photography ?

photography |fəˈtägrəfē|


the art or practice of taking and processing photographs.

Modern photography is based on the property of silver compounds decomposing to metallic silver when exposed to light. The light-sensitive salts are held in an emulsion (in color film, layers of emulsion) usually mounted on transparent roll film.

Lorenzo, photographer in Dubai, provides service in Events, Product launch and all corporate purposes photography.