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LoRenZo, French freelance photographer in Dubai, brings a fresh approach to reportage, specialising in live photography and creative photosessions. As a contributing photographer to Dubai's magazines, Advertising and Public Relations Agencies, LoRenZo is in perfect position to provide services in PR - Events, Lifestyle, Products, Hotels and Fashion-Modeling photography. Mainly based in  United Arab Emirates  UAE - Dubai and Abu Dhabi, he also works in other Middle-East and GCC locations : Oman-Muscat, Qatar-Doha, Bahrain, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia (KSA) Riyadh.

Easy going and approachable but precise and professional, attention to details is key, from the planning phase all the way through to the finished product  just to ensure one thing : the client's satisfaction.

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( Abu Dhabi - Muscat - Doha - Bahrain - Riyadh - Kuwait City )

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Event photography UAE-freelancer photographer freelance dubai united arab emirates middle east.  Event photography in Dubai. Fashion photographer in dubai and fashion photography in Dubai- abu dhabi- UAE-middle east-gcc countries photographer.For your event’s photographies you should really book Lorenzo, photographer, specialized in event photography. For any photoshooting, book lorenzo, photographer for modeling photography, fashion photography, events photoshootings, photoshoots and photosessions for fashion, glamour and modeling photography. Looking for a photographer for your event  in Dubai ?  Lorenzo is a dubai photographer for hotels and interiors, specialized in hotels photography in dubai and UAE united arab emirates. You need shots, photos of your products in Dubai ? Product shots photographer specialized in product photography in  Dubai UAE lorenzo will respond all your needs in still life photography for catalogues, catalogs, brochures,pictures and  product shots in Dubai.Dubai beauty photography. Dubai beauty photographer. You need a photographer in Dubai for people and PR Public relations photography ?.Product Launch photography.Photographer in dubai for all your product launch. Dubai corpoprate event photographer. Fashion portfolio photosession and photography.

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“Dubai, the second largest city of the seven United Arab Emirates is known for its history and heritage beauty. Dubai is emerging as one of the best loved tourist destinations of the world. It has both historical and modern tourist spots. It also has amazing beaches and beachside resorts, city hotels and of course the world class-shopping malls. Lorenzo plays a vital role in promoting tourism through their outstanding work. Dubai has a pool of highly skilled and trained professionals and photography being one,he can provide you with the best quality photography.

Lorenzo caters to corporate events, parties, weddings, shows, etc... This includes both interiors and exteriors of the resort or the hotel. The interiors include photographs of bedrooms, restaurants, cafeteria, bars, pubs, swimming pools, etc.

Lorenzo has come of age. This photographer is mostly passion driven professional. Thus the output of his work results in the outstanding pictures. There are a number of agencies in Dubai equipped with professional and experienced Dubai professional photographers that offers outstanding services to hotels, resort, etc and even events both corporate and non corporate events. These photography agencies provide great service which help promote hotels, resort, tourism, etc. And here we will be focusing on how a professional Dubai Hotel Photographer and a professional Dubai Event Photographer service can make a difference right from your family get together parties to corporate events.

Dubai hotel photographers are highly professional photographers and they produce high-level quality services to hotels. They offer effective services through graphic illustration like slide shows to convey the style of a hotel. They are experienced in delivering high quality pictures that can be used in portfolios, brochures, advertisements, etc. their production brings an appealing, warm, lively and comfortable view which will attract potential customers.

A specialized Dubai Event photographer equipped with sophisticated equipments produces great shots capture in events. It covers both indoor and outdoor events. There are a number of packages you can choose from. As every event is unique, these packages will work to individualized and suit your occasion needs. They also offer services where pictures are professionally printed on the day of the event and take it as a memento.

Other than the above-mentioned Dubai professional photographers, the Photojournalism itself is a booming industry. Dubai Photojournalists are skilled professionals and they can produce news worthy photos and cater to many publications. These pictures are generally used in newspapers, magazines, etc. Dubai photojournalist captures events as they occur on the spot, to be published as news. Their services are also use in general public awareness

There are many agencies available online that offers skilled Dubai professional photographers. These professionals produce outstanding work through specialization and experience.”



photographers hounded them all over Paris shutterbug, paparazzo, photojournalist; lensman, cameraman.


Paparazzi (= photographers who follow celebrities, often aggressively, in hopes of snapping candid photos) is a plural; paparazzo is the singular. Originally Italian—invented for Federico Fellini's film La Dolce Vita (1960)—the term first surfaced in English in the mid-1960s. Unfortunately, because the singular form is so rare, some writers have begun using the misbegotten double plural paparazzis —e.g.: “The paparazzis [read paparazzi ] even left the Clintons to find her [Princess Diana] on the Vineyard.” ( Boston Herald; Dec. 25, 1994.) On August 31, 1997, the day Diana died after a car crash while being chased by paparazzi, many television commentators used the incorrect form—no doubt spreading the mistake among millions of viewers. — BG

photography Dubai|fəˈtägrəfē|


the art or practice of taking and processing photographs.

Modern photography is based on the property of silver compounds decomposing to metallic silver when exposed to light. The light-sensitive salts are held in an emulsion (in color film, layers of emulsion) usually mounted on transparent roll film.

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